Friday, March 30, 2018

Personal Electronics Overload

My wife and I were eating lunch at Taco del Mar, and I noticed a young lady typing on a laptop, with a tablet and cellphone next to her.


  1. Odd that you found this worthy of comment. I also have a cell-phone/PDA, laptop and tablet. I also have a desktop computer ... which I use to reply to internet posts at home.

    Cell phones offer convenient IM capabilities and (obviously) phone connections.

    Tablets offer slightly less cumbersome access "on the go" when I want to write something more complicated, like an email. And they are great for surfing the news in the morning while I'm still waking up.

    Laptop computers make it easier to write long articles when I'm away from home, and also offer a larger screen for internet access outside the home.

    But then ... I also have personalized note paper, fountain pens, envelopes and (gasp!) postage stamps in the nooks of my roll-top desk.

  2. Odd to carry stuff that is largely redundant. If you have a laptop you can email. If you have a tablet, you can text.

  3. I don't normally carry my iPad anymore since I got the Laptop, but sometimes I find the iPad nicer to check mail and news then dragging out the full laptop in a dinner, airport, or hotel room where I don't want to be at the desk.

    As for having several out at once I was driving to Waco and I noticed too late that my phone wasn't charging. By the time I arrived my phone was nearly gone so while I emailed my Real Estate Agent I had arrived at a McDs I tied my phone into my laptop to try and charge it from my Laptop battery. Gave it some additional life while I debugged why the car cigarette lighter charger wasn't working.

    I have also tied my phone in to the Laptop to use the phone as a hotspot when the hotel Internet wasn't working right.

  4. Or like me I just run my computers so hard (I tend to get way too many websites opened at once) I am running a lot of machines, tablets, phone at once. We are now at the point with so much buggy shockwave, javascript, etc embedded in pages that one site routinely takes 500MB to 1GB or more!

    Now I fantasy shop for a multiple CPU (20 core Xeon) tower system with 3 TB of ECC RAM and 8 drives (multiple multi terabyte SSD and fast RPM HD'S) and four 4K video cards, etc. Got it up to about $200K in the shopping cart, but since I don't have that kind of cash or credit card line it remains a fantasy...SIGH Why do I need a Solidworks CAD/CAM or ILM CGI level box to surf the internet.....