Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In Islam, apostasy is capital.  And in Sweden, Muslim converts to Christianity are being reminded of this.  3/3/18 National Review:

In Sweden, Christians Fleeing Persecution Face Violence All Over Again...
In Stockholm, a new Christian convert was stabbed by fellow asylum-seekers on the same day he was to be baptized. He was to be baptized in the church that one of the authors of this article, Jacob Rudenstrand, belongs to. He had recently begun wearing a cross. Rudenstrand informed the U.S. State Department. (See its International Religious Freedom Report for Sweden in 2016.) A friend of ours, a Jesuit priest, has told us that many Eastern Catholics living in the Stockholm suburbs are afraid to wear a cross in public. Christians who do so have been attacked and their crosses ripped off by Islamists, an experience analogous to that of many Swedish Jews wearing a kippah.
Most Muslims would not support this, I am sure, but when you allow mass migration from a culture that does feel this way, the results will not be pretty.  Democrats are not worried.  Once they arrive they will accept diversity, inclusion, religious freedom, and LGBT.

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  1. The surveys I'm vaguely familiar with say most Muslims do support such killings, they're just not willing to personally go that far.