Friday, March 16, 2018

No Easy Way to Summarize This Except "PC Insanity"

They, meaning the ACLU and advocates for gender-neutral bathrooms, promised that no transgendered individual would ever abuse the law — they simply want a place to pee.
Along came Timothy Paul Coyle, also known as Samantha Amanda Coyle. He had other plans, plans that the ACLU lawyers had perhaps foreseen but dismissed.
Coyle was banging on the door of a shelter for abused women, and he was demanding entry.
In late January, Coyle was homeless, as he so often is. He was also inebriated and got into a fight at the Brother Francis Shelter, according those familiar with the incident. In some of his legal records, he lists Brother Francis Shelter as his home; readers can safely assume the staff is familiar with him.
The Brother Francis Shelter takes both homeless men and women, but because of the circumstances of his inebriation and fight, the staff sent him over to the Hope Center, which runs a shelter for abused and battered women who are homeless.
It’s likely that Brother Francis staff figured Coyle’s assumed female identity would be enough to get him in the door, and they were just trying to move him along.
Coyle has always been identified in newspaper accounts and criminal charges (there are many) as a man.  He has never changed his/her/its name nor been surgically altered.  This transgendering is very recent.  The battered women's shelter would have to put this drunk man on mats next to abused women for the night. 

When will this madness end?

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