Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Everyone Has Made Great Suggestions About Our Inappropriately Urinating Cat

None have worked.   The wife is ready to make him an outdoor pet, which where live, is likely to make him coyote chow if he leaves the fenced yard.  The living room curtains ate about to be replaced with shower curtains because they are easy to clean.   I really do love this cat, but something has to give.  Even a city home where being an outdoor cat was not so dangerous would be better.


  1. Had a cat that urinated everywhere for a while. Tested for UTI, nope. Vet suggested a downer which made her a zombie, but did stop the urine problem. Finally found that she needed wet food (dry food originally) plus added water to the food. Issue went away completely.

  2. Where are you?

    If possible, I will take him, assuming he can live with other cats....and you can get him to me. I'm outside of Chicago.

    Did you have this issue before you brought a puppy into the mix?

    Might be some Prozac would help him....seriously. Ask your vet.

    'Twould seem that an old friend might be worth saving and all.

  3. I do understand. I didn't ask mother to move her kids to my patio, but I have grown to love them. Even though momma won't go into the carrier for a visit to the vet. Even though Mystique has decided the best way to awaken me is to crawl under the bed sheets and claw my legs (Neosporin ointment forever). Even though Gennie can't stand staying the day at home and constantly has to be let out at 4:00 AM. And Finally Tigger, who's at the moment asleep behind my chair. I do love them and their needs are considered as I look for a home. Streets with high traffic are a negative. Homes with lots of bushes or trees are pluses. Homes in very rural areas(AKA Coyote terr) are negatives. We think about all the members of the family.

  4. Prozac just made him lose weight. My wife saw a cat outside out of the corner of her eye yesterday (like The Visitors). This may be the source of his upset. He was having problems before the puppy who may have made them worse.

    The problem is deliberate spraying. This morning I yelled at him him as he was spraying. He behaved guiltily. He knows he is doing wrong. The yard seems to be working so far. While cows have jumped the fence before, I doubt a coyote could do so. He seems reasonably happy. We will bring him into the laundry room for snow and rain.

    He seems to hate other cats. A first class ticket to Chicago seems excessive, but thanks for the offer. I spent some time holding in the afternoon until the puppy approached at which point all teeth and claws.

  5. Might also try 'Feliway" pheremone spray. It calms them down a lot. Not too expensive, either.

    I have 8 indoor cats. I understand your issues.

    The offer of him living with me is still open, should you need that.

  6. Sorry to hear you're still having problems Clayton.

    Perhaps you'll get some answers from books on cat behavior such as listed on this page at Amazon:


    Maybe you library has some available.

    Amazon also sells cat spray which might dissuade the critter from blessing you with his scent. Maybe not.

    Good luck.

  7. Clayton,

    I would suggest that you consider topping that fence with something to dissuade coyotes from climbing over. I had a female* that liked to nap in my back yard, after eating some of the figs that fall off the tree. She was climbing a flat board fence that is 6-7ft high. It only took her a few seconds to get to the top, where she would survey the yards to look for threats.

    I suspect that a metal type fence would be even easier for them to climb, as their paws and claws would find easy purchase in the loops. A couple/three strands of barbed wire, or razor wire, might be necessary as a blocker. The dig very well, also. Check the ground around the fence line.

    *Beautiful animal. Looked really well fed. Showed up nearly every day. She would tolerate me in the yard, as long as I stayed about twenty feet away. Her pack hunted the cattle ranch across the road. She spent about a year haunting the yard, and then disappeared.