Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What Happened to UCLA?

They seem to be producing profoundly innumerate students.  
As Mnuchin gave his prepared remarks about the importance of sanctions for "eliminating nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula," a young woman shot up and started yelling, "What you're doing is bullying North Korea who is developing nuclear weapons for this very purposes!"
"This is what the U.S. does all over the world," the young woman continued. "You're talking about being a beacon for hope and freedom and democracy, that's bullsh*t! We know that's bullsh*t. We know that this tax bill and what that represents is sentencing people to death, including children. Nine billion children who are going to be left without healthcare." (There are fewer than 9 billion people on earth, and approximately 1.9 billion children.)

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  1. It was numerate when I took math there, but that was in the math department. And, it was a long time ago. Back then, they had just stopped protesting the Vietnam War - because once the draft was gone, so were the demonstrators.