Monday, March 12, 2018

Proof That We Are Up Against Ignorant Idiots. So Why Are They Winning?

Shannon Watts, one of the gun control movement's leaders tweeted a picture of a scary gun that 18-year-olds can buy.  Yes, a bolt action .22LR.  Even some of her allies are calling her on her ignorance.


  1. Because so-called conservatives refuse to fight.

    If every conservative and Christian in the U.S. would remove their children from the government school system...

    No. They. Will. Not.

    And so, the conservatives and Christians continue to feed the maw of hell with new conscripts for the army of "idiots".

  2. And and by the way Clayton, regarding how Bend had not yet been California'ed

  3. They're winning because their audience is even more ignorant, and there's more of them. The product of many years' of investment by the oligarchy. The Soviets and the Chinese forcibly removed the educated and intellectual from society to facilitate their fortification of power. In the US, the ruling class has pursued the same goal, but in a less violent coercive manner and over a longer period of time (i.e., smarter and more patiently). In short, the statists in society (and ultimately in the government) have essentially paid stupid people to breed, generation upon generation. Taking Bolshevism to a whole new level of effectiveness.