Tuesday, November 14, 2017

When Cleaning Your AR-15

I went shooting Sunday with guys from church.  Remember you need to really clean it thoroughly to get all the evil spirits out of it.


  1. I thought you were supposed to use evil spirits to clean it thoroughly?

  2. Clayton,

    Actually, as one who has been using the genre since 1970, including the unpleasantries in RVN, clean is not the issue.

    The Stoner design is a "wet" system; not dripping as it were, but it needs generous lubrication. The bolt and bolt carrier
    are critical areas.

    Field strip (including pulling the firing pin), wipe those items reasonably clean, and use an old toothbrush to clean the bolt face. Lube the pin and cam, lube inside the bolt carrier, put a few drops on the gas rings, lube the bolt and re-assemble. Put a few drops of lube inside the charging handle channel.

    The bolt carrier should be "shiny" with lubricant. If it is not, you are doing it wrong. If, after firing hundreds of rounds, you experience a stoppage, squirt some lube into the gas holes in the bolt carrier (visible through the ejection port) and also onto the carrier itself. Excess will blow off with the first shot.

    Lube that thing!

  3. Bfr: Did I really need the sarcasm emoji for this?