Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thundercat Has Thundershirt

Our vet recommended this as a last step before Prozac.   (You do not want to see our cat in the mass murder headlines.)  Ie is called a Thundershirt.  It calms pets down from thunder and  unpleasant fellow pets.  To my surprise.  He tolerates it,  and seems to be calmer.  Our is the same color as he is,  so it does not show up well.

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  1. My minister a year ago was in a dilemma. They had just had the birth of their first child and their dog did not react well to the baby when he was brought home. The dog, being the guardian off the home, was not adjusting to having a new resident and was confrontational to the child. The minister didn't want to send their dog to the shelter, but they obviously where not giving up the baby. The solution was to send the dog to her mother to keep for a years time. As I understand it the dog is now back home and doesn't remember a time when their wasn't a child.

    Hopefully, your cat will get through this period when the puppy is growing into an adult dog. by the way, you neeed a new label: Cat care.