Thursday, November 23, 2017

Progressive Fake News

11/21/17 Newsweek explaining how to have a "woke" Thanksgiving (to annoy your "deplorable" family):
1. Center the struggles facing Native American communities.
It’s common knowledge that the history behind Thanksgiving dinner that we learn in grade school is a myth: The pilgrims in Massachusetts were far from friendly to the Wampanoag, and the entire premise of a “friendly dinner” between the two stems from President Abraham Lincoln, who after the Civil War offered a lovely—but mostly false—story of comradery among foes.
Of course, like nearly all progressive claims, it is false.  Here is the only contemporary account of what became the current holiday from Mourt's Relation Or Journal of the Plantation at Plymouth (1865), p. 133:
If Lincoln gave such a story, I can't find it in  Of course, being progressives and Newsweek, they do not even know how to spell "camaraderie."  And Lincoln was assassinated within days of the Appomattox surrender, but I don't expect progressives to know this, either.


  1. I hate the archaic S. When its used to the extreme as in this case it makes the reading extremely difficult to read.

    That said, you are annoyed that Lincoln made up a sweet story to push a holiday for reconciliation and friendship. How many stories have we found people making in just the last fifty years. The attacks on Eli Whitney; the stories of no gun ownership in early America; various revisions of the Battle of New Orleans; even Global warming and its various historical revisions to support the "New" science.

  2. "If you believe in nothing, then you'll fall for anything."

    Progressives will indeed believe in anything that advances their agenda. They've even claimed that Abraham Lincoln was a slave owner!

    Yes, there's nothing so stupid that a progressive can't believe it!

    ICYMI: Some UW-Madison Students Thought Lincoln Owned Slaves - Matt Vespa

  3. James: No evidence he ever told this story. He declared a day of Thanksgiving in 1863 when the war was being fought quite vigorously.

  4. Eskyman: Emancipation Proclamation was just driven by guilt, I guess.