Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Great Warning

I have mentioned Brian Fagan's The Great Warming previously and his too easy acceptance of the Hockey Stick.  The deeper I get into his book,  the more impressed I get with it.  Anyone who accepts the warmist claims after reading this book is not paying attention.  His descriptions of the part the Medieval Warm Period and The Little Ice Age play in Arctic,  American Southwest,  European,  and African cultures are stupendous in their detail.   The parallels to recent climate changes and effects are impossible to miss.  
One aspect of the book that is at first surprising and increasingly pleasurable to me,  is his description of a particular year and how the locals deal with life.  Some textbook my son used in elementary school had a regular sidebar called "A Moment in Time" built in a very similar style,  showing how a single person would have lived or experienced the time.   Fagan is an anthropologist,  and it shows in these often amazingly emotionally affecting vignettes.

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