Monday, November 6, 2017

San Antonio Mass Murder

As I suspected, a domestic dispute.  11/6/17 Daily Mail reports he was anxious to kill his in-laws, who regularly attended that church.  Dishonorably discharged from USAF so prohibited from gun purchase or possession; animal cruelty charges in Colorado.  Wearing body armor, so returning fire might have been useless.  Texted threats to in-laws.  Making threats is a stupid act; leaving evidence shows to stupid to stay out of jail, as far as I am concerned.


  1. He was separated with a bad conduct discharge, not a dishonorable discharge, so not a prohibited person, at least not in that respect.

  2. Unless he was wearing ballistic plates, standard body armor might have allowed for a few broken ribs. And then there are the head shots.

    But it is my understanding that TX doesn't allow guns in Churches. (Houses of Worship) So it is moot anyway.

  3. Also, original reports were Dishonorable Discharge. Other sources said Big Chicken Dinner, but in either case he was convicted of domestic violence so he should have been denied, but the Air Force apparently doesn't or at least didn't update the federal database.

  4. Zendo Deb: The best info I can find right now is that the hero also used an AR-15 pattern rifle, so its rounds should have been able to go straight through soft body armor, but apparently he wasn't taking any chances, whether or not he knew you need plates to stop centerfire rounds. Plus if this incident is like (almost?) all the others where it was originally reported the perp was wearing body armor, he probably wasn't in fact.

    Texas didn't originally allow concealed carry in churches in it's 1995 shall issue law, but that was fixed in 1997.

  5. Zendo Deb:
    seems that changed in 2015. Now it is optional. They can post it if they wish, "30-06", or "30-07". Apparently, even TX residents may not know about the change in law, sadly.