Saturday, November 11, 2017

Roy Moore Allegations

I had the same reaction as many others: Moore has been a loud voice in Alabama politics for decades and just two weeks before the election, these allegations of child sexual abuse appear?  Talk about convenient.  I would love to see how much money the RNC has spent on this project.  11/11/17 BizPac Review reports:
Color plenty of Alabama voters more than a little skeptical.
So many, in fact, that when a Birmingham news outlet searched high and low for just one voter who believed Corfman’s allegations, they came up empty in the end.
Perhaps the Democrats could have some of their high credibility faces come in to help their candidate?  Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein, or George Takei?   Best of all, Bill Clinton.

Now, Moore may have skeletons in his closet.  There are more than a few things that I did before I became a Christian that I would not want on billboards, but in the absence of anything stronger than what has been presented so far, I smell Democratic Party projection, and perhaps even Republican Party tricks.  Many Congressional Republicans really want a properly corrupted Republican President or at least a Democrat as an alternative to Trump.

Fortunately, his opponent is running this ad reminding black voters what his party used to stand for:


  1. Recently the news has been filled with discussion over the alledged misconduct 38 years ago of the Republican candidate to fill the Alabama Senate made vacant when Jeff Sessions resigned to become Attorney General of the United States. There are "demands" that Roy Moore step down from the candidacy that he won in a primary, running against a temporary incumbent supported by Trump. Since there is not time under Alabama law to get another candidate on the ballot, the effect of these "demands" is to give the seat to the Democrat candidate, completely ignoring the voters in Alabama.
    First, lets consider where the story comes from -- the Washington Post, a paper vehemently anti-Republican. Isn't it an amazing coincidence that this story is perfectly timed to have the effect of supporting a Democrat candidate in a race where he would otherwise have no chance of winning?
    Second, even more outrageous is the conduct of Mitch McConnell and at least two other Republican senators in urging Moore to step down and saying that the Senate could refuse to seat him. The qualifications for a senator are laid down in the Constitution, not by contemporary political correctness. The actions of these senators to suggest otherwise is a betrayal of their oath of office "to support and defend the constitution."
    Third, the conduct of the Republican senators is monumentally stupid. The effect of their proposed action would be to give a senate seat to a Democrat at a time when 2 other Republican senators have serious health problems, irrespective of the voters in Alabama. This could easily tip the Senate Democrat.
    So, this is what I say: its up to the voters of Alabama to decide. If they decide to be represented by a bank robber, a drug addict, or someone otherwise confined to a mental institution, that is their decision. The conduct of McConnell and his fellow travelers fits somewhere between disgusting and despicable.

  2. Notice Democrats don't brag about party anymore!