Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Navigation Systems of 1954

Road & Track unearthed this 1954 Chevrolet "how-to" for vacationing by car.

It wasn't quite this bad on my first vacation car trips: to the Seattle World's Fair in 1962; to Yosemite sometime in the mid-1960s; to New Mexico in 1964?


  1. Thanks for that, Clayton!

    Really brought back some memories. My Dad, an educator, got sent from CA to Oswego, NY for some training. Originally he was to have flown there & back (this was in 1963) but decided that the whole family would drive there & back, zig-zagging across the USA.

    So we set out in our new 1963 VW Bus, and had a great trip. I had just got my driver's license, so had plenty of opportunity to practice! We stopped at every major (and lots of minor) attraction & point of interest along the way, and came back a different route. We headed more Northerly on the trip there, and Southerly on the way back.

    The AAA was great: they supplied us with Trip Maps, which were assembled into booklets where the maps folded out as you went along the route previously planned. We had a compass mounted on the dash too, and used it a lot!

    I miss those days. Travelling was a lot more fun back then. Wish I could've done something like that for my kids.

  2. My 2000 Chevrolet Impala was bought with a cross-country family vacation in mind. Time issues turned it into a cross-country flight and travels by rental car up the Eastern Seaboard instead.