Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Think We Just Got Lucky on This One

Police in Northern California on Wednesday arrested a “violent psychopath” accused of murder who had escaped a Hawaiian psychiatric hospital earlier this week....

Saito was acquitted of a gruesome 1979 murder of Sandra Yamashiro by reason of insanity and committed to Hawaii State Hospital in 1981. Saito randomly chose the victim, shot her in the face and fatally stabbed her, authorities said. Her body was later found in her car at the mall....

It was not immediately clear how Saito was able to leave the facility in Kaneohe, a Honolulu suburb. Hawaii State Hospital Administrator William May said officials are fully cooperating with law enforcement and appropriate steps would be taken if Saito received help from someone inside the facility.
Saito has repeatedly attempted to get released from the state hospital, a move vehemently opposed by prosecutors.
In 2002, prosecutors questioned why Saito was granted unescorted leave from the facility, according to Hawaii News Now. "He is a psychopathic predator whose mental condition continues to represent a serious danger to the community," deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Albert said at the time.
In 1993, a court denied Saito’s request for conditional release, saying he continued to suffer from sexual sadism and necrophilia.


  1. he not only needed help getting out of the facility, but someone helped get him on the plane to Northern California. He certainly didn't swim.

  2. How did he obtain a driver's license or other acceptable I'D so he could get through security and onto an aircraft?