Friday, November 17, 2017

Cops, Eh?

I am watching a series called Under Arrest which is rather like Cops, but filmed in Canada.  Not anywhere near as good a theme song: "Bad Boys" is just awesome.

A few interesting aspects:

1. The bad boys are surprisingly similar to the U.S. in spite of Canada's blindingly pasty population: blacks and Hispanics.  There are a few more First Nations people than in Cops.  Of course, racism is the usual complaint, even in cases where the police could not tell the driver's race when the lights went on.

2. The evidence that drugs and alcohol are bad for you are even more obvious.

3. Canadian police have many of the same limitations such as their version of a Miranda warning but some surprising differences: an officer points his gun into driver's window and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't exit the vehicle; lots of use of those racist chokeholds.

UPDATE:  I think showing a few episodes of this show in high schools would be a powerful tool against excessive drinking and alcoholism.  If you still want to get drunk after watching a shirtless guy threaten to beat up an armed police officer, you are too stupid for reasoning.

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