Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Equatorial Platform

It was incredibly cold last night, but clear., so I dragged Big Bertha out.  The whole assembly rolled pretty easily (still need to apply final surface layer when it gets above 50 degrees again to even out the surface).  The Moon was my target,  and that is a mistake.  It does not move at the same rate as the stars in right ascension,  and it moves in declination as well.   I think it was taking,  but the real test will be on some extrasolar objects,  some night when I get started earlier in the evening when our is only freezing.   To my pleasure,  one of my wife's cools weather suggestions worked very well.  Wellingtons hold in heat very well,  because they have no mesh and go over the pants.

Monday through Thursday next week are supposed to be clear although cold.


  1. I mentioned this before but you may not have seen it. Home Depot has battery heated coats. Check their website

  2. hand warmers in post , heat rocks in oven place at your feet.

  3. Panty hose holds heat in pretty well, too -- according to my neighbor who was a duck hunter in the upper mid-west forty years ago.