Saturday, November 4, 2017

Our Cat

We stayed him on antibiotics last night,  hoping this solves the problem.  The next step the vet suggested would be Prozac. I really do not want to give him up.


  1. So the vet did find a urinary tract infection?

    Did you try to introduce the dog slowly or just force it on the cat? Because of territoriality it often needs to be done gradually. Give each animal it's own space that only it can occupy. Like behind closed doors in different rooms. Then gradually let them see each other and let the cat have it's own private space it can retreat to. Given the youth of the dog you need to account for that animal's behavior being too much for a senior cat to be exposed to in an uncontrolled way.

    There is a massive amount of books and websites covering this topic so some research and learning may be in order. Also there are vets and animal behaviorists that understand and can advise on this situation.

    I would try to avoid a mental med solution if at all possible. Once the puppy matures and eases up on it's high energy that may calm down the cat to a degree--adult dogs aren't so high energy and anxiety inducing for an old cat.

  2. Wishing you and Tater the best - we've had success with Busparone ("buspar") with some of ours through the years. May be worth a try if the Prozac doesn't do the trick.

    While pilling cats is renowned for the potential for trauma to the pill giver, ours quickly learned to like the effects of the buspar and would come to get their daily (or twice daily) pill. Can't beat that!

    If Tater's "marking" is in a consistent area, putting another litter box there may prevent same. That's also helped us in the past, though we've had cases where I wondered if we'd end up with no floor showing due to the number of boxes that would be needed. With 21 indoor cats and a dog (yellow lab), we do have some experience...

  3. How's the cat doing with his spraying problem? Any change noticed with the meds?

  4. JohnG: Progress, I believe. He is still confined, but I have hope.