Monday, November 27, 2017

Our Moral Superiors Speak

A week after CBS host Charlie Rose was outed as an alleged serial sex harasser, one of the network’s former associate directors says she was told by a boss that she would have to sleep with coworkers to get anywhere in the company.
“I was in a state of shock,” said Erin Gee, 44, who worked for CBS for 17 years and recently filed a Manhattan federal suit alleging rampant sex discrimination at the network.
Gee said one of the most offensive incidents occurred in 2011, when she was talking with her boss at “CBS Evening News,” Robert Klug, about a workplace dispute.
Klug, now 58, said “she should ‘have sex’ with [the] video editor who had been difficult to work with to ‘break the ice,’ ” according to court papers.
Just an allegation right now, but if Roy Moore should not be elected because of allegations, CBS should stop reporting news.


  1. What are you saying Clayton? CAN stopped reporting news a long time ago.

    It only passes on propaganda to the unwashed masses.

  2. Does CBS really report the news?