Saturday, March 2, 2013

"We Are Going To Take Over The World"

The February 28, 2013 Wall Street Journal has an article about privately owned tanks in the U.S. -- there are lots of them.  (Don't tell Senator Feinstein.)  The article describes what happened when a couple of brothers bought a tank and insured it, and this comment on the article describes a "missed opportunity":
When their insurance agent inquired about their plans for the tank, the Neal brothers emailed back, "We are going to use it to take over the world."'

This was a wasted opportunity. The appropriate response should have been "We find it effective in helping settle claim disputes with insurance companies"
Shall Not Be Questioned provided the link to the article, pointing out that, as usual, Vice President Biden does not know what he is talking about:
In the same interview where he advised people to randomly shoot guns in the air and violate discharge ordinances, Joe Biden told everyone that citizens aren’t allowed have tanks under the law. 

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