Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Area Where We Are Getting More European

This article in The Atlantic points to another area where if progressives really wanted to be more like Europe, they would be making common cause with social conservatives:
The state's new law restricting abortions to the first 12 weeks is blatantly unconstitutional -- and not that different from what a lot of European nations have in place.
One of the great ironies of American abortion-rights law is that it is one of the few areas of social regulation where America is to the left of Europe. The latest explosion in one of the laboratories of democracy is a piece of legislation in Arkansas outlawing abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy, which passed this week when the Republican legislature overruled the gubernatorial veto of Democrat Mike Beebe.
Should this clear violation of the viability framework laid out in Roe v. Wade be allowed to stand -- and experts on both sides of the abortion fight predict that it won't be -- it would serve to make Arkansas the most restrictive state in the nation when it comes to the legal availability of abortion. (It may not actually become the hardest state to in which to obtain an abortion; other states already have less functional though more legal access to abortion). It also serves to make Arkansas the one American state to take a direct European-style approach to the regulation of abortion.
You can argue whether abortion should be lawful or not, but progressives fundamentally believe in the right of the government to tell you what to do about every other part of your life.  If pregnancy resulted from capitalism or attending worship services, I am sure progressives would have no problem banning abortion.

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