Saturday, March 30, 2013

Washington Post Printing False and Racist Stuff Again

About how mass murder is a white male thing.  No, it really isn't.  As I point out in a comment:

The authors are clearly not familiar with the history of mass murder. A few women mass murderers (or at least, they tried): Sylvia Seegrist, opened fire in a mall in 1985 in Pennsylvania. She only killed two because a passer-by didn't realize the gun was real, and took it away from her. Laurie Wasserman Dann, using guns, fire, and poison in 1988. Jennifer Sanmarco, a former postal employee who went postal at her former place of employment in Santa Barbara in 2006. 

Non-white mass murderers? Plenty of those, too. Black mass murderers include David Burke, who killed 43 people by smuggling a gun onboard an airliner to kill his former boss, then killing the pilots, causing 43 deaths in December 1987 in California. James E. Pough, who murdered 9 people in a GMAC office in Florida in 1990. The Long Island Railroad Massacre, by Colin Ferguson. There have been several Asian mass murders as well, such as the Virginia Tech shooter, and one that happened in the 1990s in Western Massachusetts. Hispanic mass murderers includ Juan Salcido (although because he mostly used knives to murder 7 people, the authors probably don't consider him important), and Hector Escudero (murdered 96 people in December 1987 by setting a fire) and Julio Gonzalez (murdered 87 people by starting a fire to kill his girlfriend at work).

Why does the Washington Post publish such ignorant articles dripping with racial hatred? Because the goal is to distract attention from the real problem with murder in the U.S.: black on black murder in the inner cities, which are about half of all U.S. murders.

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