Thursday, March 7, 2013

Am I Missing Something Here?

Or when I read this affadavit by Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard C. Williams do I smell that someone knows that he did something seriously wrong?  It appears that in a criminal case against a gun dealer named Reese remotely involved in Fast & Furious, a Border Patrol agent testified against Reese -- and that the agent was under criminal investigation at the time seems to have slipped everyone's knowledge on the prosecution side.

Here's a bit more from the March 4, 2013 Las Cruces Sun-News:

LAS CRUCES —Weeks after a federal judge reversed their convictions and ordered a new trial, members of a Deming family targeted in a gun smuggling investigation have requested their case be dismissed.

In a motion filed Feb. 20 in U.S. District Court, attorneys for Rick Reese, his wife Terri Reese and their son Ryin Reese asked that the four remaining charges against them be tossed because federal prosecutors failed to disclose information favorable to the Reeses, a family that owned and operated gun stores in Deming and Las Cruces.

Reese family attorneys argue in the motion that the New Mexico U.S. Attorney's Office has shown a "pattern" of "intentional or reckless ignorance of their constitutional obligations" to those accused of crimes.
It appears that the U.S. Attorney responsible for this fiasco wants to be a federal judge -- and with this contempt for law and justice, I can easily see Obama putting him on the bench.

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  1. Prosecutorial misconduct lead the the reversal of the conviction of the late Sen. Ted Stevens.

    Prosecutorial misconduct lead to the mistrial of Roger Clemens.

    Prosecutorial misconduct lead to the dismissal of charges against two business men in New Orleans.

    Prosecutorial misconduct may have lead to the suicide of Aaron Swartz.

    I think there might be a pattern here of misconduct by federal prosecutors.

    Too bad that the Attorney General of the United States doesn't care.