Sunday, March 10, 2013

Colorado Residents: Contact Your State Senators Now

The final vote on assault weapon bans and high-capacity magazine bans will take place Monday in the Colorado State Senate.  Be polite, but insistent: these laws are going to accomplish absolutely nothing, except guarantee that some members of the state Senate will not be there after the 2014 election. We have already killed at least two of these ridiculous bills, and there is a chance to kill the rest still.

Oh yeah, Mark Kelly, Gabbie Giffords' husband, who has been pushing for assault weapon bans and high-capacity magazine bans? It turns out that he went into a gun store in Arizona a few days ago to buy an AR 15 and high-capacity magazines, and other customers recognized him. Now he admits that yes he did, but claims he is not going to keep them.  No, he got caught: stinking hypocrite, like the preacher who preaches against homosexuality, but gets caught soliciting sex from a man.


  1. Of course he's a hypocrite--what else is new! I suppose he could always claim it was Scott Kelly (his identical twin brother).

    Now we know he is also a liar...I wonder how many of these gun banners own guns or will be buying up things as they move to ban them. Too bad we can't force them to all register just to show how much they are hypocrites.

  2. I think he's hoping for the David Gregory excemption.