Thursday, March 14, 2013

Really Weird Dream Last Night

My dream last night was, even for me, rather weird and wildly entertaining.  In the dream, my wife needed to get her pet mammoth to campus for her Western Culture & Ideas class.  (I mean, you have to admit, if you wanted to discuss Stone Age man, what better prop than your own pet mammoth?)  Anyway, she got away late, and rather than ride it along the highway, she was charging across the fields of Nampa, leaping over fences and small outbuildings, while it trumpeted loudly.  I was watching from above, suspended from a balloon which was tethered to the back of the mammoth, being dragged along as the beast charged full speed across the grasslands.


  1. Let me guess - your weight loss has led to an improvement in your sleep apnea.

    Apnea is worse, during REM sleep. Which means a lot of people who have it don't stay in REM very long before lack of oxygen wakes them up. So they don't dream, much. Lose weight, apnea improves, and they spend more time in REM.

    A lot of people who go low carb, and then lose significant amounts of weight, report significantly more vivid dreams, and this is a plausible explanation of why.

  2. I'd give a lot to see a mammoth trampling the fields of Nampa.

  3. Zounds, this beats any dream of mine all to hell! talk about a primo should consider turning this into a science fiction short story, sell it on kindle for 99 cents.