Monday, March 25, 2013

The Continuing Righthaven Exercise in Bad Lawyering

It appears that Randazza Group, which represented a number of Righthaven's victims (including some who could afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting these crooks, rather than settle out of court), has achieved a rather remarkable victory of sorts.  But rather than quote the article at Techdirt, let's just use this hysterical comment summarizing what happened:
So, to make sure I'm getting this right....

1) Stephens Media decides to get them some of that awesome copyright trolling money.
2) Stephens Media spawns Righthaven.
3) Stephens Media takes their box o' copyright, dumps out all the contents, then sells Righthaven the empty cardboard box.
4) Righthaven brandishes the empty cardboard box in a threatening fashion demanding money.
5) Court says that's fscking retarded, demands Righthaven pay back legal fees.
6) Righthaven puts the empty box over their head and pretends they can't hear.
7) Court takes Righthaven away and starts auctioning it off. Realizes it has no assets except an empty cardboard box.
8) Randazza takes the empty cardboard box and sells it back to Stephens Media for $80k.
I am sure former Righthaven CEO Steven Gibson still thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

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