Sunday, March 24, 2013

Very Clever Gadget

My friend Brian at Cool Stuff We Like has a piece about a new gadget that uses the leftover heat from campstove cooking to recharge cell phones and other USB connected devices. 
The Power Pot consists of an aluminum pot with a Seebeck Effect module built into it, and a voltage regulator module that functions as the battery charger. The voltage regulator is connected to the output of the Seebeck module with a high-temperature cable. The voltage regulator's output is a standard USB power connection at 5Volts supplying up to 1Amp; i.e., 5Watts. Fill the pot with water, heat it over a campfire or campstove, plug your mobile device into the charger with a USB cable, and it'll be good to go in awhile.
Interestingly enough, this product was funded through Kickstarter.

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  1. I saw a similar gizmo on the REI website...

    The BioLite wood-burning campstove cooks your chow over wood (actually twigs and such), while simultaneously charging up your smartphone. Talk about low-tech meets high-tech!