Monday, March 25, 2013

For Your Californians Wondering Why Your Taxes Keep Going Up...

The March 25, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle reports on the chief administrator of Alameda County's upcoming retirement:
Muranishi has been with the county for 38 years, and she’s 63. When retirement day comes, she’ll be getting a lot more than a gold watch.

That’s because, according to the county auditor’s office, Muranishi’s annual pension will be equal to the dollar total of her entire yearly package — $413,000. She also has a separate executive private pension plan, for which the county chips in $46,500 a year.
There's no suggestion that Muranishi has does anything improper to get this, and one of the comments from a member of the Alameda County Grand Jury has high praise for her competence in running county affairs.  But it does seem like a pretty impressive pension, don't you think?  It's not like she is doing one of those unimportant jobs, like President of the United States, which only pays $400,000 a year.

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  1. Wait-- Alameda County is going to retire from the state and needs a chief administrator to do that?