Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blast From The Past

I have been going through stacks of old files from my writing and gun businesses, shredding many hundreds of pages of documents that sometimes include sensitive information.  Some of it is bittersweet memories of a time when as much as the U.S. was headed down the wrong path concerning gun policy, at least the country had not completely lost its mind yet on everything else, and I was just starting to get stuff published in scholarly journals, and trying to get my second book published. There's no point in holding on to all this paperwork -- no one is going to be writing any biography of me.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I might merit an entry in an encyclopedia of early 21st century thought criminals, but I rather suspect that the direction followers of Obamessiah are taking our civilization, there will be more energy being spent on figuring out how to blame George Bush for massive starvation and Beyond Thunderdome activities.

Some of it is just painful -- stack after stack of new laws from the California Department of Justice, most of which were pure and simple just harassment of lawful gun owners, because Democrats in the legislature were not interested in pursuing criminals with guns.

And some of it memories of how cheap everything used to be!  This cashier's check copy made out to Barrett Manufacturing was for two Model 82A1s.

And here are a couple of invoices from 1993 for ammunition.  And yes, the pistol ammunition was 50 rounds to the box.


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