Monday, March 4, 2013

Idaho Weapons Laws In Progress

H0192, which provides for issuance of an enhanced carry permit (more hours of instruction, so far more states will recognize it) has passed the House and is now in the State Senate.

H0223, which makes knives up to four inches long legal to carry without a license (along with Tasers, stun guns, and pepper spray) is in the House State Affairs Committee.  I have heard that State Senator Nielsen's son was pulled for a traffic ticket, and was then busted for having a 4" knife under the seat of his car, and that this is the reason for the bill.

H0219, the bill to criminalize efforts to enforce any new gun or magazine prohibitions, is out of the House State Affairs Committee with a "do pass" recommendation.

H0229, which is likely to fail any legal defense we make of it (in spite of being actually correct), declares any firearm or accessory manufactured in Idaho that has not traveled in interstate commerce to be out of federal authority to regulate.  This is also out of the House State Affairs Committee with a "do pass" recommendation.

S1099, is to protect the public health and safety of Idahoans (we're concerned about protecting everyone's hearing), by declaring firearms silencers not subject to federal regulation.  This is currently in the State Senate State Affairs Committee.

Say what you will about Idaho: we are not giving into the storm surge of gun control hysteria.

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  1. Re: H0223 - lots of laws get made that way. It's nice that the cops will enforce the law against people like State Senators' sons - it means that bad laws are more likely to get changed.

    Something similar is why 2-seater cars with two people get to use the carpool lane on the Bay Bridge (which otherwise requires 3 people) - Willie Brown was fond of driving a 2-seater Jaguar with an aide to and from Sacramento, and got busted for a carpool violation. Unfortunately, California's may-issue rules prevent gun laws from being enforced equally against the powerful and their hangers-on.