Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sounds Like Real Fascism...

Not "that's not progressive enough for us in the mainstream media to promote." The March 3, 2013 American Thinker has a piece about a comedian leading a political party in Italy who now has 24% of the vote:
In the economic crisis of 2013, Beppe Grillo received 24% of the vote (see last week's analysis of Grillo's political beliefs). This week he blocked a government from forming. Grillo now controls the Senate, but he is going for a majority in both houses in the upcoming vote in June....
In Italy Beppe Grillo ran as a sly comedian, spinning off conspiracy theories about 'chemtrails" (jet contrails) that poison the Italian people, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Illuminati who run the world to oppress the poor, and all the usual paranoid fantasies. But he also attacked massive corruption (which is true) and self-serving politicians (also true), and the euro currency that killed Italian exports (also true). Grillo voiced criticisms that other politicians avoided. Everybody knows about massive corruption, for example. Grillo said it.
This article from the February 28, 2013 Algeminer is a bit worrisome:
In the past he has said “all that in Europe we know about Israel and Palestine is filtered by an international agency called MEMRI. And behind MEMRI, there is a former Mossad agent. I have the evidence: Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, has used Arabic texts with independent translations and he discovered a completely different reality.” Then, according to Meotti, Grillo alluded specifically to a “Jewish conspiracy” and the need to “check” all information on the Middle East.
 The list of insults continues. During one of his shows, Grillo once declared: “There is a saying that ‘where Attila has passed through, no grass will grow.’ We can say ‘where the Israelis have passed, no Palestinian will grow.’”...

 When not launching insults at Israel and Jews, Grillo tends to defend those who do. Of Mel Gibson he has said: “Israel is scary, her behavior is irresponsible.I said it. And I’m not drunk. I’m just scared for my children. Israel is behind the United States or the United States is behind Israel, which is the cause and which the effect?”
It appears that along with blaming the Jews for Italy's problems, Grillo has connections to Iran.  What a surprise!  Astonishingly (or perhaps not) the mainstream media are generally ignoring these little problems.  Simon at Classical Values pointed me to the American Thinker article.


  1. Grilli is clearly demented on this issue. All MEMRI does is try to counter the lies and distortions which the Arab press feed into world channels. They only wish they could filter “all that in Europe we know about Israel and Palestine".

    His claim reminds me of the poor German Jew whose friend saw him reading the Volkischer Beobachter. The friend asked "Why are you reading that?"

    The Jew said "It makes me feel good."


    "It says I'm very rich and powerful!"

  2. The "Golden Dawn" movement in Greece has similar aspirations.

  3. AGNTSA.
    When the going gets tough, the demagogues get all antisemitic.
    It isn't just the Germans then; all of Europe apparently learned not to fight evil, but that fighting was evil unless it's against Jews.