Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Microsoft Excel Used To Be Easy To Make Charts In

Not any more.  I don't understand why they killed the chart wizard.

I can't believe it.  I have three columns of data: year, murder rate, avg, and year, and two columns of numbers.  I can't seem to beat Excel into producing a graph plotting the two columns of numbers vs. the year.

Finally figured it out.  What a pain.


  1. I'll wager that this has something to do with keeping high paid MS trainers in their jobs.

  2. Clayton, have you checked out open office or libre office? the word processing parts work quite well, never have checked out the spreadsheetsd.

  3. I like Open Office. The only reason that I am using Microsoft Office is that interchange of Open Office and Microsoft Office has, at times, been a pain. In addition, Microsoft Office only cost me $10 (because of the deal that College of Western Idaho reached with Microsoft).

  4. I had a related gripe against MS Word a few years back when Word 2007 changed the menus so it was completely counterintuitive (especially if you were used to previous iterations of Word) and almost impossible to find the spellcheck.

  5. I gave up on M$ Office when I was forced to supply multiple licenses to my kids...I migrated to OpenOffice, and have been mostly happy about the decision.

    For scientific plots (M$ Excel simply does NOT measure up) at a reasonable cost, I recommend DPLOT (