Thursday, March 28, 2013

Google Search Is Your Friend

Shall Not Be Questioned points to this CNN article that breathlessly reports that:
Investigators found more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition in the house, and a holiday card with a check "made out to Adam Lanza for the purchase of a C183 (firearm), authored by Nancy Lanza," according to a search warrant.
Never heard of a C183.  But they do exist.  And you can buy one mail order, no background check required!   It is a 14 MP point-and-shoot camera.  As CNN would have discovered if they had done even a cursory examination using Google.

UPDATE: CNN has removed the discussion of the assault camera, and of course, reflecting their high ethical standards, makes no mention of their screwup.


  1. How many rounds of pictures can you shoot with a 32 gig SD card? Shouldn't we limit it to 10 gig? For the children?

  2. Considering the troubles that arise from multiple sextings, North has a valid and important point.

    But this discussion will never occur, because it's all down the memory hole except for mean, nasty, petty liberty-lovers who value such outmoded concepts as following a rigorous code of ethics.

  3. It's down the memory hole already!

  4. 1600 rounds of ammunition?

    So... three bricks of .22LR and four boxes of 12 gauge birdshot?

    Before Lanza caused this ammunition shortage that would be, what, under $75 worth of ammunition?

    (Oh, I'm sure it probably wasn't all rimfire. But when they just report a Scary Number Court, I usually assume most of it is.

    If they don't like it, they can be more specific.)

  5. Don't you just love how the news media constantly carries on about having more than one gun (or for some even just one) and more than 10 rounds of ammo and especially how such is always described as an arsenal of weapons and ammo?