Wednesday, March 13, 2013

At Least He Didn't Use An Assault Weapon

He used VP Biden's preferred weapon: a shotgun.  The March 13, 2013 USA Today does not identify the suspect as mentally ill, but the description from those who knew him does sound a couple fries short of a Happy Meal:
A bartender who served Myers for a decade described him as a loner who was pleasant to staff but "very jittery and nervous."

"He just wasn't a people person, and he would never talk to anyone else," Michele Mlinar, told the Observer-Dispatch.

A neighbor on the close-knit block of South Washington Street also said Myers kept to himself and rarely exchanged pleasantries.

"Everybody says hi and waves and has small talk all the time," said Fred Randall, 42, a retired Air Force technical sergeant whose home is next to Myers' building. "But he would walk by. People would say hi, and he would never return the gesture."

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  1. In our current socially obsessed culture, this

    "“He just wasn’t a people person, and he would never talk to anyone else,”...“He was a very quiet guy, and didn’t talk much,”

    is the kiss of death. Living a quiet private life is seen as some type of vice.