Friday, June 1, 2012

You've Seen The Bumper Sticker...

"I'm missing my ex-husband...but my aim is getting better."

Some people are really cool under fire.  This depressing article from the March 29, 2011 Boston Globe is astonishing:
WAKEFIELD — An elderly couple’s frequent verbal feuding ended early yesterday when the husband fatally shot his wife, moments after she vowed to quit cooking and caring for him and ridiculed him for missing her with his first shot, authorities said.
You have to wonder what sort of relationship they had that you would insult your husband for being a bad shot.  I am reminded of suicide-by-cop.

UPDATE: A reader reminded of the famous exchange between Lady Astor and Winston Churchill (who had great fun exchanging insults):

Lady Astor: If you were my husband, Mr. Churchill, I should put strychnine in your tea.

Winston Churchill: If you were my wife, Lady Astor, I should drink it.


  1. Speaking of bumper stickers, I saw a funny one yesterday: "God gave us a savior. I'm looking for a president"

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