Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If You Find Typos in My Brother Ron

Add them to the comments list.  One reader noticed:

 It's the first page of chapter 2, near the bottom ("Location 341 of 7960" according to my droid -- is there another way to do this?). "Depression sometimes lead to suicide --"

Also, location 287 (the "last happy moments" photo in chapter one), you should list the persons from left to right and say so.

One good thing about demand publishing of the paperback edition is that once I have gathered enough corrections (or if someone finds something really tragically bad), I can apply that change to new prints of the book.

The paperback edition should be available shortly on Amazon.  (I have already pulled the trigger on the proof for the paperback, so it's too late to get the changes above rolled in.)


  1. Could you add chapter markers on the Kindle version?

  2. This should be put on the side of the main page, so that I don't have to hunt for it. Also, so new readers can see it.

    Anyhow, this one is from memory. I think it's in chapter two when you introduce "Joan". You wrote, "who I shall call Joan" when it should be, "whom I shall call Joan."

  3. 4869
    par beginning "As early as 1976..."
    Over all ==> Overall

    par beginning: "The first symptoms"
    "was above well average" ==> "was well above average"