Saturday, June 9, 2012

Does Meth Cause Stupidity? Or Does Stupidity Cause Meth?

From June 8, 2012 CBS St. Louis:

MEHLVILLE (KMOX) - A woman was caught cooking meth in her purse using a 20-ounce soda bottle inside of the Walmart store on Telegraph Road at I-255.
The store was immediately evacuated, out of fear for customers’ safety.
St. Louis County Police Lt. Mark Cox said if the meth concoction had spilled or leaked, it would have quickly circulated through the store’s ventilation system, contaminating the building and sickening lots of people.
She was apparently caught doing this dangerous and illegal act when arrested for shoplifting.

One of the criticisms of making various drugs illegal is that encourages criminal acts, because prohibition encourages operating outside the law.  But there are reminders like this that sometimes, the problem is that particular drugs reel in people weak on concepts like logic.

UPDATE: A reader points to a similar incident in another Wal-Mart.  Perhaps the People of Wal-Mart book needs a companion volume?  Meth Cookers of Wal-Mart?


  1. Not that this is even a unique incident?

  2. Humorously the ad I'm seeing right next to this post about cooking meth is from Chili's,the headline of which reads "Why cook? Order Chili's takeout."

  3. If meth were legal then it could probably be produced in safe environment. This is not much different than people getting poisoned by bootleg booze.

    That said, people who do meth need to reconsider their actions.

  4. Meth could certainly be produced in safe environments. But people this stupid don't give me much hope that they would.

  5. The only possible saving grace about legalizing meth and having it produced in a safe environment with quality control is that the users would no longer have to try to think of ways to make it themselves, but would allow them to use it to the point they would no longer have the initiative to try to cook it in purses with plastic soft drink bottles.