Monday, June 11, 2012

The N-Word

Zombie over at PJ Media has written a powerful examination of the state of contemporary music:

At a recent family reunion I fell into a conversation with a distant relative, a 14-year-old girl who is the stepdaughter of one of my cousins. She was sitting at a picnic table by herself, bored, and listening to an iPod. Since everyone was ignoring her, to be polite I sat down and asked what she was listening to. She took off her headphones and let me hear for myself.
I put the headphones on, and what little faith I had in humanity vanished.
The first word to assault my ears was “nigger,” and within the next 60 seconds “nigger” was repeated at least ten more times, along with a variety of other degrading and offensive terms.
Read the whole thing.  It appears that the state of both rap and popular culture is not anywhere near as elevated as I assumed.

Remember: the "c" in rap is silent.

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  1. if it weren't for bacteria, we wouldn't have any culture at all...