Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Danger Of Exposing Brett Kimberlin's Terrorist Past

Aaron Walker SWATted immediately after winning a victory for free speech in the Maryland courts against Brett Kimberlin.  (Kimberlin would like his terrorist past to not be discussed, now that he is an important part of progressive politics.)

If you don't know what SWATting is: 911 gets a call that purports to be from your home (and is spoofed to make it appear to be from your phone number).  The caller says, "I just shot my wife."  The goal is to get the police to respond with maximum force, and hope that in the resulting confusion, the police end up killing you.

It is amazing what progressives are willing to do to suppress free speech.


  1. two thoughts: first, Kimberlin and his cronies seem to like to use anonymous proxy servers in order to hide their origins. would it not be a kick in the head if those proxy servers were actually "honeypots" set up by the DHS and/or NSA to track online terrorist activity? TOR is in Belgium I understand which is the HQ of NATO after all.... it would be funny if the logs were to become public...

    second: this is a guy who in the past used explosives to distract the police from a murder investigation (was the case ever solved? is it still open?) when cornered. I fear this (expletive deleted) may resort to type when the noose starts getting tight.

  2. The murder case is still open. The victims husband picked a Kimberlin associate out of a line up as the one who killed his wife. The husband, however, died a week later and without the eye witness testimony the man was released and the case remains open.