Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Most Convoluted Way To Try And Get Yourself Executed

You all know about "suicide-by-cop," where someone creates a situation where police have really have no choice but to shoot someone.  That's a really bad thing, because even a completely righteous shooting is traumatic for someone who has to do that.  But this crime is far more convoluted, and far more evil.

On January 29, 2010, a woman named Mary Nance Hanson went to the parking lot of a school where her ex-daughter-in-law, Tetyana worked.  She shot Tetyana five times with a revolver.  Then she reloaded, and resumed shooting.  Then she call 911, told the police what she had done, and said that she had no idea why she had done it.

But this article describing what happened when she came up for trial seems to explain it really well:

While news media reported that Hanson held a concealed-weapon permit, Jankowski maintains he never knew she had a gun.
It appears to have been issued three months earlier.
The 71-year-old Taylorsville woman was booked into jail and charged with murder. She pleaded guilty in 3rd District Court on Aug. 18. In a letter that Hanson wrote to Judge William Barrett in April, she explained why she would be pleading guilty: “My physical health is deteriorating rapidly, and I do not believe it would be in the best interests of taxpayers or of myself to pursue a trial.”
In the courtroom, Hanson told the judge, “I would like to be sent forthwith to the prison, and I would like to request death by lethal injection.”
When told her case was not eligible for the death penalty, Hanson reportedly told the judge: “Well, then, I guess I didn’t do a good enough job.”
She was apparently dying of congestive heart failure.  It looks to me like she went out, bought a gun, applied for a concealed weapons permit (since I guess she didn't want to break the law on the way to murdering her ex-daughter-in-law), in the hopes that the state would execute her.

Stuff this weird just boggles my mind.  She didn't want to live?  Suicide?  Even suicide-by-cop would be less evil than this.

UPDATE: For those who think that she decided to kill the ex-daughter-in-law because she had nothing left to live for--why go out of your way to get caught?  She wasn't caught, and then confessed.  She did not even try to get away.  She called 911 and confessed to the crime.  She laid in wait (what to many Americans is assumed to be a capital crime).


  1. Well, we still don't know all the facts - and the leftstream media won't tell us anything that doesn't fit the narrative.

    It is possible that the daughter-in-law was a bitch who deserved it, and the terminally ill woman just decided to take out the trash before she died. It isn't like she has anything to fear from the law at this point of her life.

    Or the old lady could be a sociopath. I can't tell from here.

  2. I think you are misreading her primary motivation. She viewed her former daughter-in-law as someone who was ruining the lives of her some and grandchildren. Once she learned she was dying anyway, she decided that she might as well take out the ex. That she also wanted to be executed was probably just because she viewed it as preferable to spending the rest of what life she has left in prison.

  3. The reason she may have decided to confess would be to make sure that her son did not get the blame. Had she left it as a whodunnit, the cops would have torn her son's life apart. If the cops were convinced he was the guy, they would keep after him. He would have to hire lawyers, and the longer the cops couldn't find someone else to blame, the longer they would keep after the son.