Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Righthaven Receiver Fires CEO Steve Gibson

I love it!  Vegas Inc. reports that the court-appointed receiver has fired Steve Gibson and his wife Raisha "Drizzle" Gibson.  In addition:

In the latest development, Pearson filed a report with U.S. District Judge Philip Pro in Las Vegas on Monday saying:
• "Instead of satisfying Righthaven’s substantial judgments, Gibson apparently has elected to allocate Righthaven funds that have been concealed from me to pursue appeals over rights that Righthaven no longer owns and has done so in a manner that further imperils what is left of Righthaven’s assets with additional attorneys' fees awards and sanctions."
And a malpractice suit is apparently being contemplated for Gibson's actions!  There is something positively Shakespearean about this whole sordid story: Gibson's greed (thinking that there were "millions, if not billions" of dollars of copyright infringements that he was going to monetize); claiming to own copyrights that they did not own in order to file shakedown suits; now he is fired, and is probably going to spend the next several years fighting legal battles over his actions.  Hubris: there are consequences.

I had some hopes at one time that there might be a lawsuit against Righthaven's backers for the money that they extorted out of myself and hundreds of others based on, it turns out, their false claim that they owned the copyrights for which they were filing suit.  But it does not seem to be likely to happen.

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