Friday, June 8, 2012

In California, I Would Understand This, But Montana?

Co-producer of Schindler's List Gerald Molen was asked to give a commencement address at Ronan High School in Montana.  After Molen arrived, the principal told him that he was not allowed to speak.  From the June 7, 2012 Hollywood Reporter:

Gerald Molen won a best picture Oscar for co-producing Schindler’s List withSteven Spielberg and has produced such Hollywood blockbusters as the first twoJurassic Park films and Twister. He’s a former U.S. Marine and is a sought-after motivational speaker.
So he’s not accustomed to being shunned.
Why?  Did those rednecks not want a Jew speaking in small-town Montana?  Ah, no.
Molen is one of those rare conservatives in Hollywood (he’s even making a documentary called 2016, based on the Dinesh D’Souza book The Roots of Obama’s Rage) and because of that, he says, Ronan High School principal Tom Stack decided to disinvite him -- and he didn’t tell him so until after Molen made the 90-minute drive from his home in Bigfork, Mont.
Unlike Hollywood, Ronan isn’t exactly a hotbed of liberalism (its state representative is a Republican), still, Molen says that Stack told him straight up that he wouldn’t be allowed to address the students because he was “a right-wing conservative.”
“He said some callers didn’t want the kids exposed to that, despite not knowing what my message would be,” Molen told The Hollywood Reporter. 
I think we can safely guess that a principal like that has probably worked hard to make sure the kids haven't been exposed to any "right-wing conservative" ideas in the years before graduation.

The good news is that the district has announced that the principal won't be principal there next year, confirming that it was indeed as Molen described.  The principal has taken a position in Clinton, Montana, where I assume that he'll be making sure that the kids aren't exposed to any "right-wing conservative" ideas.


  1. Could it be because these kids will be out of school and therefore the libtards will be unable to argue against the common sense most conservatives spout. Or the fact that they have inadequately educated them to understand his speech?

  2. Mr. Molen should put his commencement speech up on the net.

  3. "Why? .... he’s even making a documentary called 2016, based on the Dinesh D’Souza book The Roots of Obama’s Rage"

    Er... is the answer because they found out he's lost his judgement?
    Who would buy this book let alone turn it into a movie.

    Yes, it's D'Souza's followup to his earlier book "Liberals make the Taliban mad by not being ultra conservative like us conservatives and the Taliban"

    Something which his mother was proud of and everyone else on both sides of politics just laughed at.
    It's quite an achievement to turn shooting your own feet off into a something with an index.

    He's somehow trumped that by penning a book all about the rage of Obama. Something observed and commented on by anyone who has met or viewed him as his love of playing ice hockey. And his long, blonde hair. You know, his long blonde hair we all talk about, all the time.

    Conservative book publishing. The ultimate social security safety net. Where there is no such thing as failure. Multi Peabody Award nominee claiming and "The Nazis Totally Loved Homos And Tofu" Author Jonah Goldberg gives it 2 thumbs up.

  4. Dan K: I feel like I'm reading a stream of consciousness novel.

  5. Well the shorter version would be "why cite his current interest in publicising retarded concepts like it's a good thing, while questioning why anyone would drop him?"

    Alex Jones is much more popular than this guy. He's got some movie credits too. I mean, if credibility isn't an issue.

  6. What Oscar-winning films has Alex Jones made?

  7. I get the feeling Dan K. has not actually bothered to read any of the books he's sneering at.

  8. Dan K -- would MIchael Moore be disinvited? Yet his documentaries are known to be faked, even using footage that has been doctored. There are documentaries about his lies, yet he is often invited as a speaker.