Monday, June 11, 2012

And The Mother Needs Prison Time, Too

There are some news stories that are so shocking that you can't quite believe them.  We're all used to sick men chatting up young girls (and boys) online to get access to them for sex.  But this is weirder:
JUNE 11--A 24-year-old Massachusetts woman who allegedly masqueraded as a teenage boy is facing federal charges for engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a 15-year-old girl who was unaware that the boyfriend she met online was actually a female, The Smoking Gun has learned.
I won't go into the...details of how the 15-year-old didn't figure that this was a woman, not a man.  But worse:
“Wilson” maintained Facebook and MySpace pages that described him as a “youth pastor” living in Quincy, Massachusetts (where Hads actually resides). On Facebook, “Wilson” claimed to be the father of twins and noted that he was “looking for some people to talk to. No fake pages or pervs.” 
Yet "Wilson" had the 15-year-old take some extremely intimate pictures of herself.  And even more disgusting:
In December 2011, after communicating for 14 months, “Wilson” asked to meet “A.L.” in person. A subsequent rendezvous was arranged by the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter (and two other teenage girls) to meet “Wilson” at a Pennsylvania motel about 100 miles from the family’s West Virginia residence.
“Wilson,” who claimed to have flown from Massachusetts to the nearby Pittsburgh airport, stayed at the same motel “in a separate room paid for by A.L.’s mother,” according to the affidavit sworn by West Virginia State Trooper Robert Talkington. 
And this is where the illicit sexual contact took place.

There was a time when the two greatest dangers to someone attempting to take advantage of a young girl's innocence was her mother and her father.  (Like the situation I blogged about earlier.)  What happened?  Our culture fell into the cesspool.

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  1. And 40 years ago it was common to assert that women had better morals than men did and would not commit such crimes as we now find women committing, including this one.