Friday, June 22, 2012

My Brother Ron in Kindle Edition Should Be Visible On Amazon By Tomorrow

Assuming no glitches get in the way during the Kindle review process.  The paperback edition will take a few more days.

One of you has an e-reader that uses ePub format (the Nook, I think)?  Please contact me so that I can use you as a guinea pig.  It may be a few days before I can figure out how to use Calibre to do this.

Actually, it looks like Calibre really isn't the right tool.  Or maybe I just didn't try the right options.  Still trying.

UPDATE: Yes, Calibre does the conversion pretty darn well from MOBI format (what Mobipocket Creator outputs on the way to Kindle format) to ePub.  I still have some problems with fonts changing at the beginning, but that's what Sigil, a WYSIWYG ebook editor is supposed to do.

UPDATE 2: Interesting.  A reader recommended Adobe's Digital Editions program to verify the ePub format--and sure enough--it seems to read Calibre's ePub output just fine.  It may be that Calibre's viewer isn't completely healthy.

Now, if someone has a genuine Nook that I can send the ePub format to....

UPDATE 3: Very cool.  I just used Calibre to convert my wife's book Running From Your Nineveh to ePub format, and Digital Editions seems to think it is fine.

UPDATE 4: My Brother Ron should be available for the Nook on Barnes & Noble's website within 72 hours.

UPDATE 5: Weird.  My Brother Ron showed up on Amazon in Kindle format--but with no price, and a typo in the description.  I fixed the description, and resubmitted.


  1. Great! I read the teaser you linked to a few posts ago, (the one where I suggested publishing on Kindle), and i was disappointed to get to the end of the teaser before the end of the story. Look forward to buying the whole thing.

  2. There's a nook for pc application that you can download for free.