Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weird Dream

For some reason, I have to go back and complete 12th grade.  (I have dreams like this occasionally.)  But this time around, as part of a placement exam, my high school has given me:

1. An almost illegible set of hand-written instructions.

2. A canister of R-35 (presumably refrigerant for recharging an air conditioning system).

3. A record (yes, one of those antique pieces of vinyl) with a song by Cream which I must interpret for my instructions of what to do.

It appears from the instructions that I must capture a honeybee for this--or perhaps they neglected to include one with the testing kit.



  1. "almost illegible set of hand-written instructions"

    In my dreams, almost all written material is illegible. I'll first have the idea that I'm learning something important, but the more I scrutinize it, the less I understand. The page may be printed clearly, but I simply cannot interpret what I'm seeing. Often, I can only make out one word at time, but can't figure out the meaning of an entire sentence.

    I think this is the intellectual equivalent of not being able to run away from an attacker. In that case, it's because your motor centers have in fact been disconnected to keep you from sleepwalking and such.

    In this case, I suspect, the parts of the brain that allow you to read are simply not part of the brain that engages in dreaming.

  2. I can remember one dream with clearly legible written material. A black-and-white dream about a snake slithering around a cluttered houseboar cabin. The dream began with an exterior shot of the boat and the title "The Snake" displayed in large print, just like the opening frae of a movie. I was early elementary age at the time.