Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Today's I Hope I Do Not Need to Know Question

Googling is not helping.  Where I live is in the "light structual damage zone" around Target Boise.  What does that level of damage include? Broken windows?  If a blast wave hits an open window will it just pass through the open window or shatter the glass anyway.  I fear the latter.

Why does this matter? If you get woken up by the light of a thousand sun's you may have as much as a minute to ipen windows and close blinds.  If the glass is going to shatter anyway leave the blinds down to somewhat contain the glass.  If open windows are unlikely to break, open them to reduce glass cleanup and keep the fallout outside.


  1. Light damage is broken windows and the like.

    But Boise is likely not a significant target. Counter-value targeting assumes a LOT of warheads to expend, either missiles or bombs, and a lot of launch vehicles. Warheads are very, very expensive to build, maintain and deliver so why use one on Boise? There are many more strategic targets to hit first - communications (road, rail, power distribution, computer centers, etc) that deliver more return for the kt.

    Mountain Home AFB might be a target, I would plan for that before someone trying to take out a minor city in Idaho.

  2. Rather than a general google search, click on the tab to search books.
    Bear in mind that modern "insulated glass units" are tremendously more resilient against impact and pressure compared to the single-pane glass that was common when all the studies were done. If any concern remains, the 3M glass protection films would contain any breakage, and can be selected to have other useful properties for energy-savings.

  3. I would expect damaged windows. Realistically, would you have time to run around and open all the windows? If truly worried about it, I would invest in window film. It won't stop the breakage, but it may help confine the debris field and prevent injuries from flying glass. And is not dependent on whether you remembered to close the blinds.
    My second investment, if I had the funds, would be roll down screens. Like hurricane screens.