Tuesday, November 29, 2022

I Need Someone to Either OCR or Transcribe This Law

 It is a 1771 New Jersey law that the gun banners are using as evidence that very dangerous guns could be banned.

I just found the statute.  It is primarily aimed at lazy hunters:

"6. And Whereas great Numbers of idle and disorderly Persons make a Practice of hunting on the waste and unimproved lands in this Colony, whereby their Families are neglected, and the Publick is prejudiced by the Loss of their Labour...

"7. And be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if any Person or Persons within this colony shall set any Trap or other Device whatsoever, larger than what is usually and commonly set for Foxes and Muskrats, such Person, setting such Trap or other Device, shall pay the Sum of Five Pounds..."

If you could start transcribing at the bottom of p. 343 to the end of the law on p. 347 you would be doing gun rights a great service.

Does anyone know how to use ReadIris to do OCR?  I paid for it and it is not clear how to use it.

Adobe has an online free splitter and converter now.

This is done.  Thanks to all.


  1. You can actually download the thing as a PDF, although copying and pasting out of a PDF is always chancy, especially when it uses the old esses: "unlefs he hath Licenfe or Permiffion" etc. Will email you short file exported by Adobe Acrobat OCR. Check email for mail from jmf***@gmail.com.

  2. OCR and some time spent cleaning up the mistakes and formatting, it's accurate and workable! I did it in Google Docs so it should be easy to access, it is formatted as table with a narrow sidebar to preserve the edge notes. Firearms are only mentioned in a VERY small paragraph (10) and there is no mention of the firearm being banned, it only asserts that the methods utilized to set them as self-triggering traps or with remote activation by strings or other methods is to be made illegal. As far as I know, those are still illegal today.