Tuesday, November 15, 2022

This May Get Bad Very Quickly

 11/15/22 Daily Caller:

A Russian rocket struck Polish territory on Tuesday, killing two people, The Associated Press reported, citing a senior U.S. intelligence official.

Polish media originally reported that a projectile struck an area of farmland where grain was drying in Przewodów, a village near the border with Ukraine, according to the AP. Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller confirmed on social media that members of the country’s National Security Council had convened an emergency meeting to respond to a “crisis situation,” according to the AP.

I doubt this was intentional.  Russian electronics.  Also, digging deep into their missile stockpile may mean using missiles past their Best By dates  

Another possibility (remote): "accident" that requires Putin to withdraw from Ukraine rather than fight NATO.

The possibility that no one identified early: Russian-made air defense missiles launched by Ukraine that went astray.  First news reports, as usual, incomplete and potentially misleading.


  1. Apparently what hit was the remains of a Ukranian missle that had been shot down.

    1. Updated to include Ukrainian origin. I am glad there are no hotheads in high places.