Friday, November 4, 2022

How Fast the Weather Changes

Just a month ago, the limiting factor on astrophotography was that sunset was so late that I could not stay up and still be up to see my wife off to work.  Now darkness falls early enough but at the price of cloudy nights and last night, heavy rain.

More than rain. 

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  1. It seems like when the climate allows for extremely hot weather and extremely cold weather sudden changes like this are possible. When I visited Austria in 1985, it was the first three weeks in August. We had every kind of weather, from so hot you could swim in the glacier-fed mountain lakes, to so cold, I wanted what I referred to in LA as my "Winter Coat" and cap and gloves. It rained so much it washed out a railroad bridge, an autobahn bridge and undermined another part of the Autobahn. The news programs were all talking about the "High Water Catastrophe". My cousin said that in September the weather was cooler but more consistent. So in 2003 we returned in September, and it rained constantly the first seven days of our stay there, and off and on the rest of the time.