Thursday, November 24, 2022

This is the First Time in a Couple of Decades I Have Had a Laptop Fail

My wife's Lenovo Yoga 7i suddenly stopped powering up. All the usual solutions: try a new charger; hold the power button down for 60 seconds; depress the reset switch on the bottom (which requires a staple not a paperclip.  It is dead!  

It is a month out of factory warranty.   We had originally tried to buy it at BestBuy but they had none in stock so we ordered it from Amazon.  If we had waited for BestBuy, our GeekSquad membership would have covered repairs but otherwise $500.  We bought an HP Pavillion x360 with a 512GB SSD for $499.

So far, the setup on the new computer is going well.  It appears that all the settings including the Office 365 subscription from the Lenovo are transferring to the HP.  I am still going to need to install Thunderbird and add the HP LaserJet drivers and Scan app.  I have a complete backup of her files that I have done nightly.

It just frustrates me to see any high-value equipment be non-repairable.

To my surprise, I just discovered that I did buy extended warranty from Lenovo.


  1. There may be an additional warranty available if you paid with AMEX. I tend to pay for my electronics that way: It's come in handy, too. I had an Epson Ecotank printer totally fry itself (not sure why) the day after the mfg warranty expired. And on a day when I was attempting to print a LOT of stuff needed the next morning.

    Well, Epson said fried board, sorry. Amex said we'll handle it. So they took care of it, and I went to Walmart to buy a 'temp' printer to finish the days job.

  2. Lenovo. Chinese.

    Hope the extended warranty gets it operational again.