Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Red Spot

I think I saw it at 288x.  I have not seen it since the 1970s.  It has been fading over the years and now have enough aperture for both resolution, color, and magnification. 

The other good news is that my temporary electrical replacement for the equatorial platform definitely works.  5.11 volts means it tracks although not where it would at the correct voltage of 5.09.  But it is way better than constantly moving the scope to keep up.  At 160x, Jupiter stays in field of view for a minute or two.
The only frustration was that I collimated the mirror today which always misaligns the finders.  I need to work on this tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow night is supposed to be another reasonably clear night.

After the 2 AM angina scare last winter I actually overdid it.  Thermal underwear, flannel shirt, electric jacket, parka, snow boots.  I was actually sweating.

Sadly, Saturn was behind the telescope shed.  I think I should have put the shed east of the pad or bought a real dome which turns out to not be that expensive to my surprise. 


  1. Sweating in the cold is a very bad idea...

  2. "It has been fading over the years"

    So have your eyes.

    1. But I can see it again. My eyes have been bad since 2nd grade and are degrading very slowly. Without glasses I am just as blind as I was then.